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Elizabeth Nohren became a licensed mediator in 2013 and also received her Collaborative Law licensure in 2018. She is one of a few licensed collaborative attorneys in the 4th Circuit. Mediation is required for every family case in Illinois involving minor children where the parties are not in full agreement. Mediation is a very inexpensive way to resolve your case outside of court and does not include attorneys. Mediation can occur before a case is filed or will be ordered after the case is started. In the event the parties do not reach an agreement in the mediation session then they are welcome to move forward before a judge.

There is no risk involved!

Collaborative law is where a party attends a mediation type session, but they have their attorneys present as well. Once again, this is outside of court in a comfortable and informal environment. Mediation is not binding and collaborative law is binding. Liz is well-versed in mediation throughout the state of Illinois, and has an extremely high success rate in resolving matters outside of court. If you are considering a divorce and do not have children, you can also reach out to Liz to mediate the financial matters in an attempt to avoid the significant cost of obtaining private counsel.

The cost of a mediation session involving the issues of children alone is a total of $600 for three hours. This is a significant savings compared to the hourly cost of hiring private counsel, and even the cost of a retainer upfront. The cost of mediation in matters involving financial matters, is a flat fee of $1000 for four hours. Either of the sessions may exceed those hours by the agreement of both parties. If a full agreement is reached, the mediator can draft the final agreements for the parties to file with the court to finalize their divorce or family case without the need of separate counsel.

If the parties have attorneys, Liz always sends the details of the settlement to each attorney in a Word document so the attorneys can easily add it to the final settlement documents to file with the court, and conclude the case.

What an excellent way to take control over your case without the risk and cost associated with contested expensive litigation. Give Liz a call today!

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What Our Clients Say:

Dove and Dove, The words that I would use to sum up my multiple experiences would be; Professional, Attentive Listening, and Experienced. I have entrusted them to help protect my family through Estate services and was very happy with the Will/Trust that they created for my family.

I have also used them for real-estate transactions where they went above and beyond with their service to make sure that I understood every detail of the transaction. I have used Dove and Dove multiple times and will continue to use them in the future when the need arises.

~ Luke

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my family. You are amazing, and I would never want anyone else to help me or my family.

~ Misti

Thanks for the assistance in selling our house. We especially appreciate the accessibility to both the attorneys and your staff when we had questions regarding the closing. I would certainly recommend Dove & Dove Attorneys to others.

~ Lyle

The Village has relied on Dove & Dove as our legal counsel since 2013, they work well with the board, attend all meetings, and prepare all documents we need in a timely manner. 

~ Cinda

I have used the services of Dove and Dove multiple times. They are very knowledgeable, and I trust them when it comes to making the right decisions that are right for me and my family.

~ Jared W

I live in SW Kansas and I contacted Dove and Dove to represent me in my custody battle in the state of Illinois! I have been very pleased with the way they have represented me in this matter. I have no complaints on the quality of work or loyalty the attorney and staff showed me and my family through his very tough time! I would recommend Dove and Dove to anybody that is dealing with a family matter in the state of Illinois!

~ Rolando

My experience with the Dove & Dove law firm has been exceptional. Everyone at the Dove & Dove firm treated me with kindness and hospitality. The amount of care and attention given to my case was top notch. Every need I had was addressed and all of my questions were answered. I would not only recommend Dove & Dove to anyone, but I will go to this firm for any future law needs that I have.

~ Kylene D.

I am genuinely grateful for Liz and Joe’s invaluable support throughout my case and their compassionate approach. I was extremely fortunate to have such a great team on my side!

~ Jeremy, Macon County

My representation by Dove and Dove was above reproach. Their partners are the best attorneys I’ve even had the pleasure of working with. Their knowledge of both civil and criminal law is unlimited. The entire firm is friendly and accessible.  I would recommend Dove and Dove to anyone needing legal counsel.

~ Mark

As a retired judge who had hundreds of attorneys argue cases in front of me, I would have to say that Ms. Nohren was always one of the most prepared, most passionate, and the most productive attorney for her clients. It was an honor to have her in my courtroom.

~ Retired Judge of the 4th Circuit

I highly recommend the team at Dove and Dove for any business or personal legal needs.

~ Paul R

Dove & Dove was there for me every time I had any questions or concerns.  The attorneys had my best interest in mind. Everyone at Dove and Dove was extremely professional and helpful.

~ Angie

Choosing to work with Dove & Dove to navigate my divorce was a great decision.  The attorneys had the strong, confident backbone that I needed through that difficult time in my life. I have recommended Dove & Dove to others and will continue to do so.

~ Billi

Liz was the most prepared mediator I’ve ever used even though I was unable to give her my materials until late the day before the scheduled mediation. She had obviously thoroughly reviewed the materials provided and even performed independent legal research in anticipation of the legal issues to be addressed at the mediation. My client was informed in great detail of all the weaknesses in his case, including the assumptions that were being made to support his position and claimed damages. Upon an oral agreement being reached, Liz thoroughly reviewed and edited multiple drafts of the mediated settlement agreement even though everyone was obviously ready to go home. I will certainly use Liz in the future whenever I need a good mediator in Illinois.

~ Chas

Liz Nohren has lead me out of a bad situation and has helped me to regain my independence.  She not only has extensive legal knowledge, but also genuinely cares for her clients.  She has went above and beyond in passionately pushing forward on the issues in a timely fashion despite the opposing party’s numerous efforts to slow the process down. She remained concerned about me as a person, not just a client. Liz helped to give my sons a voice in the process, respected them and recognized their opinions.  She remained focused on my goals and has worked towards achieving these in the court room.  I would highly recommend Liz and Dove & Dove for any legal needs. 

~ Sheryl

The lawyers at Dove and Dove were excellent at handling my divorce. I was going through a really tough time in my life, and they took the time to explain the process to me and calm my fears. Every question I had was answered in a timely manner. The lawyers are well educated and compassionate. I would strongly recommend them to anyone.

~ Jenni

Dove & Dove is an excellent law firm with a wealth of experience and resources. The firm represented me and advocated for my child in an immensely difficult, nearly impossible case, and won! They truly listened, not only as legal professionals, but also as a person and as a parent. They were patient and understanding with me through the hardest moments of my life. They fought hard and I highly recommend the firm!

~ Jessica

The staff at Dove and Dove took care of us through a difficult time. While emotions, change and uncertainty were overwhelming there was feeling of reassurance as they confidently led me step by step keeping my family’s best interests at the forefront.

~ Theresa

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